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We envision a world in which the collective healing wisdom of humanity is accessible to all, especially children thought to be incurable, and where families find strength, hope and healing through their communities.


To create and proliferate a community-based approach to healing, Healing in Community™, as a compassionate and highly effective way of caring for children with life-threatening conditions, and as a way for families to take charge of their child's health care and to improve the quality of life, lengthen life span and ultimately find cures.

Our Values

Compassion— Our hearts have broken open. We work to ease the suffering of children with life-threatening conditions and their families, knowing that to do so is a privilege. These children are a resource of transformation for everyone involved in their care.

Creativity— “And a child shall lead them.” We look at the world through a child’s eyes, and ask, Why not? The plight of these children inspires us to go beyond perceived limitations, to see opportunities where before we saw only problems, and to re-imagine a society where we not only meet a child and family’s physical needs, but their emotional, economic, social, cultural and spiritual needs as well.

Collaboration— We know that many different people and groups hold keys to the solution of these complex problems. We respect and value the wisdom inherent in all perspectives, healing modalities, systems of care and support, always working toward the most effective integration. Through collaboration we give birth to community.

Community— We believe that the suffering of children with life-threatening conditions and their families is a call for community. It is an invitation for everyone to enter into an experience of community, where the patient and family are at the center and the boundaries between layperson and professional dissolve. In community, we learn to value each other and our cultural differences, to acknowledge our common humanity, and to embrace suffering and death as life mysteries.

Hope— “Hope can move mountains.” Hope is the force that will enable us to push beyond established boundaries. Hope lights our way, and through our efforts we will bring more hope into the world: hope that our society will evolve such that many more children and families receive the kind of holistic care they deserve, and hope that we will find cures for more children with life-threatening conditions.