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1 The Healing in Community™ approach becomes respected as a compassionate and highly effective way to care for children with life-threatening conditions because of its proven ability to improve quality of life, lengthen the life span, and ultimately find cures.
2 Every child with a life-threatening condition is enveloped in an integrated, supportive healing community.
3 Every family of a child with a life-threatening condition has access to the information, tools, and resources to create a healing community around themselves and their child and feels empowered to do so.
4 Healing in Community™ will improve the quality of life for the child, family and the rest of society by increasing the benefits, decreasing the suffering, and lowering the financial and emotional costs.
5 The Healing in Community™ approach creates a responsive, human connection between those involved in doing research, treatment, education and support, and families living with the realities of children with life-threatening conditions.
6 All healthcare and social service providers, their organizations and institutions embrace and actively participate in co-creating healing communities around all children with life-threatening conditions.
7 We educate the public about the benefits of healing communities, so that they develop spontaneously around all children with life-threatening conditions.
8 The Healing in Community™ approach builds bridges between all healing practices (complementary and traditional medicine). In this way the collective healing wisdom of humankind is made accessible to children with life-threatening conditions and their families.


In order to achieve our goals, we will use certain strategies based on the core strengths of our organization.

Doing-and-Learning Approach – Rather than working with an already-established model, Sophia’s Garden Foundation (SGF) has been creating a new model. Since we are charting new territory, we will need to learn as we go, through our experience in developing and implementing the model. This means we will need to be a learning organization, one that is capable of continually building upon our experience.
  Partnerships – Partnerships are fundamental to our strategy, just as they are integral to our model of Healing in Community™. We will achieve our goals by proactively seeking out and developing partnerships that span traditional boundaries. SGF staff and advisors already have a proven track record of cultivating successful and mutually rewarding alliances and partnerships with both individuals and institutions. We have access to the resources (both ideas and people) that can help us create and sustain these partnerships. We will continue to develop and successfully manage these relationships in order to achieve our goals.
  Software Development, Multimedia and Marketing – These talents are key to our strategy. Our team has strong proven abilities in all of these areas, and is fostering the development of other key contributors through our creative collaborations.