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Sophia's World

Artist Statement

We created “Sophia’s World” as a tribute to the community that supported our family throughout the life of our daughter, Sophia Herzog Sachs. Sophia lived beautifully for over four years with Niemann-Pick Disease, Type A.

Throughout her life, we reached out to anyone that we thought could help, whether we knew the person personally or not. We searched for curative and palliative care therapies, ideas, inspiration, and hope. We were gratified by the way that people responded. A network of caring support consisting of friends both old and new, family, and community, began to form around Sophia and our family —healthcare providers and alternative healing practitioners, researchers, insurers, social service and public agencies, spiritual advisors and artists —came into this circle of caring support.

As this happened, we witnessed something extraordinary— an environment had been created around Sophia that enabled people to bring not only their minds, but also their hearts into the healing process. This “Healing Community” had created a nurturing environment for a child with a life threatening condition that celebrated life and brought hope and learning to everyone involved.

The 24 art projects depicted in “Sophia’s World” became the banners under which our community thrived—celebrations of the joy and creativity that abounded. They provided access to the sadness and miracle of Sophia’s life and life itself to people of every age, gender, nationality, spiritual tradition and walk of life. Access that proved enriching to all. Each project inspired another. Projects were seeded for other children and families in other communities around the world. Much of the art graced our house during Sophia’s life and much remains as a tribute to Sophia in her community.

We will always be grateful to the artists who gave Sophia and our family such a resonant voice in the world.


Karen Herzog and Richard Sachs

Mother and Father of Sophia Herzog Sachs

Expression of Hope

Expression of Hope is a global program of goodwill and awareness featuring works of art by the community touched by the rare genetic conditions of lysosomal storage disorders...The works of art are meant to express the subject's feelings of hope and be an expression of the human spirit of the person living with an LSD.

People around the world have joined Expression of Hope in its mission to raise awareness of lysosomal storage disorders (LSDs) and to foster connections among the worldwide LSD community. Over the past several months, people living with LSDs and their caregivers have created and submitted artwork, which can be the Expression of Hope Gallery. Selected works are also going on exhibit at various events around the world. And, in order to help increase global awareness of LSDs even more, an e-card feature is now available so you can send artwork from the Expression of Hope Gallery to others.

In collaboration with patient organizations around the world, Genzyme is proud to sponsor this program in our 25th Anniversary year. We envision the beautiful and moving pieces of art to be both celebrations and reflections of the amazing power and spirit of the people we've come to know through the years

Expression of Hope copy © 2005 Genzyme Corporation All Rights Reserved