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Sophia's World

Sophia’s Spirit
By Eloth Burnes

There is a story behind these Chinese character hangings.

We have a little girl in our neighborhood named Sophia, who was born with a rare inherited genetic disorder. In February 2003, her parents invited their community of friends and neighbors to visit and make what they called prayer flags. When completed, the flags would be strung around the house as a means of support for Sophia and her family.

I was sick with a cold so I knew I couldn’t go into their home. I was in a quandary as to how I could contribute. During one sleepless night I concluded I should use charcoal to make a drawing of the Chinese character for love.

The next morning I searched the Web and found the character for love. I donned headphones, turned on myfavorite classical music station, organized my materials and worked for hours on Sophia’s Love. It was a tranquil yet joyous day.

Upon completing Sophia's Love I took it to the home of my friend Robin, who was to deliver it for me. That evening Janet, who owns Articles in Mendicino, was visiting Robin. Janet liked Sophia’s Love and asked if I would make some additional pieces like it for her gallery. I was thrilled and agreed at once.

We’re often told to follow our heart. I did that with this art. It has brought added meaning and joy to my development as an artist. I hope you enjoy it too.

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